All you need to know about cable hire for temporary power solutions

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All you need to know about cable hire for temporary power solutions

Whether you are running an international music festival or need to hire temporary construction site electrics, hiring the right cable is crucial otherwise you simply won’t get the power solution you need. 

As temporary power distribution experts, we have on hand a team of highly skilled engineers who are more than happy to advise on the right type of cable to hire; however many of our clients want to understand a bit more about the different types of cable and to get to grips with the terminology. 

So, in today’s post, we are going to take a look at the things you need to consider before hiring cable and what different types of cable are available.

Key areas to consider before hiring cable for temp electrics

Before you hire any type of cable for temp electrics, there are some key questions you need to think about. These include:

  • What type of temporary electrical supplies do you need? Are you running an outside event, need temporary site services at an industrial unit or need power distribution products for a school or hospital? The type of temp power distribution you require will impact on what type of cable is most suitable.
  • Does your cable need to be resistant to impact, such as from vehicles?
  • Does your cable need to be able to copy with harsh weather conditions i.e. rain and snow?
  • Do you need an outdoor mains cable?
  • Is a particular configuration required?

Unsurprisingly, many different types of cables are available and they all come in different lengths and configurations, so these questions are key if you want to get the correct solution.

Another key consideration is always ensure that any cables you hire meet all safety standards and are in good condition.  Safety has always been one of our top priorities, so all our cabling is of type HO7RNF, which is robust, extremely flexible, oil and flame retardant and tested to BS EN 7671. In addition, every time a cable comes back to us, we test it for operation and safety, so you can be confident that anything you hire from us will be in the best possible condition. 

Cable terminology you may come across

Single phase, Powerlock cables, cable lugs – cable hire is full of confusing terminology, so let’s take a look at some of the most common phrases you may hear. 

Single core cables

As their name suggests, single core cables are made up of a single conductor covered by PVC insulation. Although these cables have a single conductor, their thickness and gauge can vary. If the diameter of the cable is large, then the amount of flexibility will be less. They are mainly used in power and lighting circuits.

Multi-core cables 

Multi-core cables combine multiple conductors or signals into a single outer sheath made of PVC or polyethylene jacket. This jacket makes the cable more rugged and gives them an effective layer of protection.

Multi-core cables are used in various industrial sectors, as they are excellent conductors of electricity and can power heavy machines.

Powerlock cables 

Powerlock cables are single-pole power connectors typically used in connecting large generators and fixed power sources in places where temporary power is used. Powerlock inputs are available on many large power distribution units.

Powerlock connectors come with many safety features to protect the user against electric shock. These include finger proof electrical contacts, colour-coded insulators and locking devices.

Cable lugs

A cable lug is used when a permanent connection between devices or cables is not possible. They also make the installation, repair and maintenance of electrical devices or cables a lot easier. There are various types of cable connectors available, so it’s important to get the right ones in order to ensure your temporary power solutions work correctly.

Do you also need to hire cable ramps?  

If you are planning on using cabling for temporary power solutions,  you should give some serious thought to whether you also need to use cable ramps or protectors. 

These serve two important purposes. Firstly, they are essential in making sure everyone stays safe by reducing the risk of trips and injuries. Secondly, they keep your cables in place, so you won’t suddenly lose power. They also stop them from inadvertently getting damaged.

We stock a huge range of cable ramps and cable protectors for both indoor and outdoor use. So, whether you work on site at a construction site and need cable ramps to cope with the demands of both vehicles and people, or work in a commercial building, so require a good indoor solution, we’ll have something suitable for you. 

Looking for a cable hire company? 

If you are looking to hire cable for your temporary power solutions, please get in touch. We can offer specialist advice, a personalised quote and will come up with a solution that is customised to suit your particular requirements. 

Based in the South East, we are ideally located to help you wherever you are based in the UK.