Choosing Temporary Power Solutions for Your Construction Site: Our Top Tips

Choosing Temporary Power Solutions for Your Construction Site: Our Top Tips

Choosing Temporary Power Solutions for Your Construction Site: Our Top Tips

The last year has been a rather interesting one for all of us. While most businesses have closed their doors and moved their practices online, the construction industry has ploughed on, continues building and finishing projects, and catches up on already delayed projects.

With current government guidance allowing the continued opening of construction sites and projects, we are confident that some construction business leaders are reading this who are managing an existing construction project or will be doing so in the future.

Numerous factors must be considered when ensuring the safety of a workforce on a construction site. These include how it is adequately lit and powered. If you find yourself in this position, look no further, for you have found yourself in the right place!

As a business specialising in temporary power solutions, we have compiled a helpful list for folk like you, of our top tips to remember when choosing the right temporary power solutions for your construction site. Whether you are working on a big project, or a more intimate one, we are confident that there is something here for you.

Evaluating the Size, Location, and Duration of Your Project

Before you go ahead and decide between who you will be hiring to supply temporary power solutions to your project, some other factors must be taken into consideration first. You will need to determine the size of your project, the available energy supply options, and something available to meet these requirements, which will adequately supply the construction site.

What’s more, we suggest estimating your project’s duration too; this includes not only the time you expect it to take, but also taking into account any delays that might occur to due illness, adverse weather, and more. Once you have considered these two options, you will be able to browse the market for temporary power businesses such as ours. We provide a wide range of energy supply options, suited to specific sized projects, and can be used for varied periods.

The location of your construction site can significantly impact the options you have for supplying temporary power; we advise that this is a factor you determine sooner rather than later, to be able to narrow down the options that you have moving forward.

Choosing the Right Temporary Power Company for You

Once you have determined other factors that would influence your decisions, you can now browse the companies on the market and the types of services they offer. Depending on the size of your project will depend on the amount of power that you will require; individual companies may be smaller and limited to what they can offer clients like yourselves, so it is worth shopping around.

While there are pieces of equipment on a construction site that run on fuel – such as the diggers and other machinery – there is plenty more on the site which keeps things running, of which requires a stable power supply. Once you have selected the company that you would like to hire services from, it is worth checking what energy supply options they offer. There are three main options which are standard on construction sites, including the likes of:

  • Generators: We are confident that most people think of how construction sites are powered and are certainly the most used. Generators are used on various construction sites and are built to withstand adverse weather conditions all year round. They can range in their size and output and are more mobile options for supplying a construction site where it isn’t possible to install temporary solar panels or hooking up to the power grid.
  • Temporary Solar Panels: These are an ideal option for those wanting to be eco-friendly throughout their construction process and are a suitable choice when hooking up to the grid is not possible. While these are an eco-friendly way of powering a construction site, it should be noted that these are not ideal options for those who will primarily be working at night, or if your construction site will require more power than the solar panels can provide.
  • Hooking Up to the Grid: Typically used by those whose construction sites are housed in cities and towns, and of which, are close to power poles; contractors have the option to connect to the existing power supply. While this is certainly convenient for those who find themselves close to existing power supplies, we suggest that you look into this sooner rather than later, for you will need to contact and make arrangements with the company who owns the power poles.

While you can hook up to the grid if you so wish, companies on the market are more than willing to provide the adequate main distributions units that you will require. Furthermore, many temporary power solutions companies, such as us, are on hand to help keep your project moving, no matter the time of day.

With access to services 24/7, you can rest assured that the projects you are maintaining, are not delayed too much and that you can continue to ensure your employees’ safety. The last thing that you want is for the wind to knock out your power, and for your employees to be in a potentially threatening situation.

By considering the services of a temporary power solutions company like ours, who provide construction sites like yours with temporary power solutions for times like that and beyond, you can rest assured that you are in safe hands. We are happy to get your project up and running, providing construction sites and other associated projects with some of the UK’s most extensive stock of power distribution so things can continue to hit the ground running.

To find out a bit more about the temporary power solutions that we provide and how you can make them work for your construction site or other projects, check out our website or contact us on our contact numbers. By tailoring our services to the individual client, we are confident to have what you require in your hour of need!

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