Construction Site Electrics: What To Look For In A Supplier

Construction Site Electrics: What To Look For In A Supplier

Construction Site Electrics: What To Look For In A Supplier

When you’re managing a construction site, there’s a lot of factors to consider. From health and safety to managing your team, you need to make sure that your temporary site runs perfectly.

Construction site electrics are a vital part of managing your site, which means that you need to find a reliable supplier of electrical equipment.

Energy Distribution Hire offers a wide range of electrical equipment and systems, and we supply a wide range of temporary site managers, contractors, and construction sites.

Thanks to this vast industry expertise, we know exactly what you need to look out for when choosing construction site energy providers. Read on, and we’ll share some tips to help you find the best supplier on the market and get all of the solutions you need to power your construction site.

A Large Selection Of Solutions In Stock

Tight deadlines and other issues mean that you need to set your construction site up quickly and efficiently. That means you need to find an electrical equipment provider that can provide you with the equipment and supplies you need when you need them.

All of our gear is compliant with relevant electricity at work regulations, and our team will work with you to ensure that it’s installed correctly.

We have power rates that range from 16 Amp single-phase all the way up to 500 AMP three-phase, meaning that you can find the right solution in our stock.

As such, you can rest assured that your team is working in a safe environment with all the electrical equipment they need when you ask Energy Distribution Hire to supply your construction site.

Fast Delivery Of Construction Site Electrics Supplies

As well as having a vast array of power distribution equipment and lighting solutions in stock, we also offer fast, efficient delivery.

Therefore, when you place an order with us, you’ll receive your electrical equipment for your construction site quickly. We can provide full installation and support as you need it.

So, if you’re running a temporary site and don’t have much time, or an emergency occurs and you urgently need power solutions, we can help.

Our experienced electricians can help you to set-up everything up so that your site is ready to get to work. They’ll be limited downtime when you work with us, and as time is money, you’ll save both by collaborating with our team.

Power Supplies To Suit Your Needs

Every construction site is different, and each requires unique electricity equipment. As such, you need more than a one-size-fits-all electrical supply firm that provides the same solutions to every client.

That’s why we offer a range of electrical solutions that we tailor to your exact requirements. Over the years, Energy Distribution Hire has worked with a wide variety of clients, so we know how to tailor our service to meet your requirements.

We offer everything from single-amp to three-amp phase distribution boxes, as well as Modular Distribution Units, Automatic Transfer Switch Panels, Synchronisation Distribution, Site transformers and more. If you need a bespoke design, then we can create a custom design distribution that will meet your exact needs.

Our team can liaise with you to find out all the temporary electrical kit you need to get your site working, and then ensure that you hire the right solutions.

Our distribution units have power rates that range from 16 Amp single phase up to 500 AMP three-phase. So, whatever you need, we’ve got it and can install it safely so that your team is ready to get to work.

Protection Kit To Improve Electrical Safety At Your Site

It’s not just electricity systems that your site needs; you also need to make sure that all the sites you work on are safe for staff and any on-site visitors.

After all, electricity is highly volatile and very dangerous, so you need to make sure that your site is safe. Also, cables and other gear can be a trip hazard if they’re not stored correctly.

If you don’t do everything in your power to keep your team safe, then you could find that you breach electrical safety regulations. Being able to work safely is essential on a construction site, where a trip over a stray cable could cause severe issues and injuries.

That’s why Energy Distribution Hire offers not only power supply gear and cables, but also cable protectors and ramps as part of our service. We have a huge stock, with high load-bearing capacity that can deal with up to 9140 Kg worth of equipment. They’re visible, so they’re not a trip hazard, and our solutions are resistant to harsh weather, making them suitable for indoor and outdoor sites.

As a result, we can lend you everything you need to get your temporary site ready to start work. You won’t need to worry about keeping your team safe or complying with relevant regulations; that’s all part of our service!

Expert Construction Site Electrics Support When You Need It

As an expert in managing construction sites, you might know a little about health and safety and electrical safety in particular.

However, you might not have extensive experience with our equipment. That’s why we offer expert support and guidance to all of our clients.

When you work with us, you’ll be able to collaborate with our team of electricians, all of whom have many years of experience working with our products. They will ensure the safety and productivity of any construction sites that use our products.

So, if you’re unsure of what equipment you need to power your temporary construction site, leave the choice to us. We can check out your requirements and provide you with all the temporary power solutions you require to get your site ready.

If, during your project, things change and you need extra electricity supply systems or additional guidance, then you can reach out to us, and our team can assist.

Contact Us To Get A Bespoke Construction Site Electrics Quote

Choosing the right construction site electrics supplier is essential if you want to get your temporary electrics working quickly. Time is of the essence, and with us, you’ll get a swift and effective service that’s tailored to your exact requirements.

If you’re interested in getting us to power your site, whether it’s a temporary site or a significant project, get in touch with us today. Whether you need power distribution solutions, cable hire, installation services, or our 24/7 emergency call-out service, we can help.

Our team can provide you with all of the above and much more, so next time you’re planning a construction project or managing a temporary site, we’re here to help with all your construction site power needs.

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