Don’t keep your audience in the dark – hire the right temporary lighting at your event


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Don’t keep your audience in the dark – hire the right temporary lighting at your event

One of the most important elements at any event is the right lighting. Failure to have suitable temporary lighting could leave your event with bad reviews and a potential health and safety nightmare. Luckily Energy Distribution Hire has highly rated, well-priced products for all your temporary power needs. We are leaders in power logistics, and when you hire from us, you will be working with a first-class company capable of supporting all your power needs.

This month, we look into the importance of having the proper lighting at your event and the types of lighting that could be suitable for you.

Custom Power distribution to keep your attendees safe during the evening

When you look at any quality outdoor event, you will see a wide range of lighting that has been brought in for the occasion. This ensures that your attendees are always safe when they are outside of the main event and can locate the toilets, their cars and their way back into the venue!

One of the most important areas to remember is outside, around the event location, lighting the emergency exits, safe pathways and areas where vehicles can be parked. A power supply to all areas is therefore essential. This can come in all shapes and sizes depending on the electrical equipment you need and where your power points will be located. It will also depend on whether your event location already has an ample power supply, if this will work for your event or if you need to bring in additional power to support the running of your event. For this reason, we often recommend a custom power distribution package to help light your way.

It’s essential to find the most efficient way of managing your site and distributing your power. Energy Distribution Hire has a vast amount of experience with this and will always begin with a site survey to determine the power you need and where it is best placed throughout the site. This also helps us understand your design and build requirements to ensure that we can fit in around this as best as possible. Whether you have your own installation team or need the support of ours, we are completely flexible in how we work so you can get the most from your hire package.

Temporary lighting installation where and when you need it

Not only can temporary lighting keep your outdoor events safer, but it can also contribute to excellent event production. Using lighting to set your scene, finish your decoration or as part of your live music event is a great way to interact with your audience and add an extra design layer to your stage. Clever lighting installations are used throughout the events industry to create extra depth and to leave attendees marvelled.

Not only is it essential to have the right amount of lighting, but the right kind. If your outside lighting is too dim or liable to fail halfway through the night, this could leave you with health and safety nightmares long after the Halloween period comes to an end. This is why we always suggest you have a site survey conducted prior to ordering lighting. Until this is completed, you may not truly be aware of your power requirements or the health and safety lighting you will need in place.

Energy Distribution Hire carries the most extensive lighting stock in the UK, including stage working lights, tower lights and festoon lighting. The lighting we have in our inventory are LED lighting units meaning you will be using the most energy-efficient and environmentally friendly way to light up your event. 24-hour support is always offered, and an emergency call-out service is included so you can be confident that your lights will stay running for as long as you need them.

The benefits of hiring your temporary event lighting from Energy Distribution

There are many benefits to hiring your temporary event lighting equipment from a reputable company like Energy Distribution Hire:

  • Site surveys prior to installation or recommendations of equipment requirements
  • Stable and suitable electrical supply to all temporary lighting and electrical requirements
  • Supporting small to large-scale events so you can work with the same company time and time again
  • Appropriate lighting from efficient tower lighting to bold stage lights
  • All equipment is thoroughly tested and certified to meet British and European safety standards
  • All engineers are fully qualified to carry out works on your site

With the above benefits in mind, it’s no wonder that many events and project managers choose to work with an external company to complete their temporary distribution requirements.

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Energy Distribution Hire provides you with temporary electrics when you need them

Event lighting is a must-have for any event, but selecting the proper event lighting can be a tricky task. Event organizers have a lot of things to worry about when planning a successful event. Hiring a company like Energy Distribution Hire to provide temporary lighting might seem like a small detail, but it’s actually a vital decision. Not only does it affect the look and feel of the event, but it can also have a massive impact on the mood and overall experience.

Energy Distribution has a vast hire stock available for clients throughout the UK to take advantage of. Our extensive range of equipment, including generator hire if required, combined with our attention to detail and installation speed, has made us one of the market leaders in the UK for temporary power distribution. If you are looking to keep your event in lights all night, speak to Energy Distribution Hire today.