Electrical Safety Tips You Need to Know: safe practices when dealing with temporary electrics.


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Electrical Safety Tips You Need to Know: safe practices when dealing with temporary electrics.

Electricity is a powerful entity and it’s one that we don’t always treat with respect. It can cause a lot of damage if we don’t keep ourselves safe. Whether you are hiring your electrics for short or long term use, for a festival or construction site, it’s important that you are fully aware of the safe practices that should be followed when working in close proximity to temporary electrics. Luckily, Energy Distribution Hire is a leading expert in providing temporary power distribution and this month we take a look at how you can stay safe on-site when you are working with our distribution hire products.

Hiring temporary electrics from a reputable supplier

When you are looking to hire temporary electrics from a UK provider, it can be difficult to know where to begin. How do you know who to trust, who can support you effectively and whether the company has been signed off as compliant and competent to provide your electrics?

The first thing we advise is to look for certifications and credentials on their websites that show the company is competent to complete the job. Ensure these credentials are in date and still relevant to the work you are looking to outsource.

Take some time to read through testimonials that are advertised on their site. We all know that positive testimonials are often few and far between as clients are far more likely to take to search engines to complain about a company’s services rather than promote them. If you have found positive reviews, this is great as it may show the distribution company has truly done a fantastic project.

Lastly, look at the distribution company’s experience, previous clients and promises. Offering a fully inclusive service is often much more sought after as you will have an engineer from the company responsible for implementing and commissioning your temporary electrics, meaning you can be confident in the knowledge that the work has been completed correctly and to a high standard. Those offering only dry hire should only be engaged if you have a competent team onsite who can handle the installation of a comprehensive temporary power package.

Custom power packages to ensure you have what you need

Choosing to work with Energy Distribution Hire means you will have a bespoke service created and provided to you that meets your requirements. We believe that no one size fits all when providing temporary electrics which is why we will support you to identify the correct equipment you need to power your site. Whether you are running a festival and need full power for all elements or you are managing a construction site and need temporary power to your site cabins and lighting, when you work with Energy Distribution hire you can be sure you have come to the right place.

Our team of expert engineers will be onsite to identify your requirements, before coming back to install, commission and sign off your temporary electrics, so you can be confident that all laws and regulations are adhered to and your contractors and visitors are able to work in safe environments.

If you have an issue with your temporary electrics after we have left your site, don’t panic and don’t try to fix the issue yourselves. Simply give our emergency line a call and we will be on hand to identify the problem and fix it quickly and effectively so you don’t lose any working time and your teams are not in any danger.

Top safety tips for working with temporary electrics

The most common causes of electric shock injuries include faults caused by damaged cables, working too close to power points and making contact with exposed wires. If you have an engineer responsible for installing and commissioning your temporary electrics, take the time to listen to their advice, guidance and ensure this is fully cascaded to the rest of your team.

If your temporary electrics are out in the open (particularly if you are on a festival or construction site) it is important that they are kept completely separate from walkways and from heavy pedestrian traffic areas. Ensure that it is fenced off and has the correct signage clear and visible to deter others from going near the electrics area.

It goes without saying but keep water and moisture away from your temporary electrics. Your engineer will ensure that the equipment is waterproof or correctly stored to protect it from any adverse weather conditions. Choose to hold your electrics in an area that is not prone to flooding so should the heavens open, your equipment is protected from above and below.

Let your distribution company complete a site survey prior to advising what temporary power you will need. If a site survey is not completed, you can guarantee that you will not be provided with the correct equipment and in worst cases, this could result in an overload of power, leaving you with a dangerous situation or no power at all!

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Energy Distribution – your reputable UK supplier of temporary electrics hire

Energy Distribution Hire has been a leading supplier of temporary power distribution in the UK for many years. Our team of expert engineers combined with industry-standard equipment and practices means we can safely say we are experts in the sourcing, installation and commissioning of temporary power.

Safety is one of our most important concerns at Energy Distribution Hire. It’s important to us to raise awareness about safe practices and to help our clients avoid injury and damage to their site when they are working with our equipment and machinery. We hope this article has given you some useful information on electrical safety. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.