Energy Distribution Hire – the 2021 temporary power distribution company

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Energy Distribution Hire – the 2021 temporary power distribution company

Electricity is the fuel that keeps a business up and running. However, when there’s an interruption in power, it can cause serious problems. The temporary power distribution systems we provide can help you maintain your business during a power outage or scheduled blackouts. Energy Distribution Hire is here to help you get your company back up and running as soon as possible. We have put this blog together to recommend the most common reasons you may need to set up temporary power distribution at your site.

Temporary power to ensure you can continue business as normal

A temporary power supply is a connection that provides your site or business with access to electricity for you to continue or maintain your project works. Utilising the support and assistance of an experienced power distribution company like Energy Distribution Hire will give you peace of mind that you will be given expert advice on what type of power you need, how long you may need it for all whilst ensuring that your site remains a safe place to work.

Common reasons why Energy Distribution Hire supplies temporary power solutions

Emergencies happen and can sometimes lead to power being cut off at various sites. While there is no way to prevent a crisis from happening, having temporary power in place beforehand could save your project. Temporary power distribution allows your workers to continue working without losing time or money in the event of an outage or failure.

Sites with no power access

Construction sites: Temporary power distribution is a vital part of many larger construction projects that have to be completed quickly. It allows for the installation of temporary lighting and power lines to be set up on-site without disturbing the infrastructure already in place.

Events Industry: Temporary power distribution is a method of powering events. It’s easy, flexible and most importantly – very safe. You’ll need temporary power distribution for events that are happening over a long period or have more than one location. Unfortunately, utilities can’t often handle these circumstances, so you’ll usually find a contracted company at significant public events to provide this service.

Hospitality: Pubs and restaurants need to keep running, so if the primary grid goes offline, we can step in and provide temp power to the location to allow the kitchen, hotel and vital utilities to keep functioning and making sure the guests remain happy.

Power failures and power outages

Many elements can cause a power failure or power dip, but the most prevalent are adverse weather conditions or human error.

Adverse Weather Conditions, The UK is well known for its weather, and this weather can often be the cause of power outages across the UK. Power failures can be caused by thunder and lightning storms, flooding and high winds. Usually, when the weather is the cause of a power outage, getting the system back up and running can take days or weeks.

Human Error Generally, we can put this down to works being carried out on the electric supply and human error causing a power outage. This failure will usually be resolved quickly; this is no guarantee and can often result in projects getting behind schedule due to the lack of power.

An increase in power is required.

Hospitals: A lot of power is required for hospitals to manage all their facilities and services safely and correctly. Temporary power distribution is a necessary part of hospital sites for various reasons. Not only is it a requirement to have a backup power source should a power outage occur, but temporary solutions can also run concurrently with a mains power supply to provide power to external buildings and operating theatres.

Manufacturing facilities: Often, large warehouses with many elements require power; manufacturing facilities always need large quantities of power to continue running effectively and efficiently. Utilising a temporary power solution means that your power supply is not overloaded, and you can safely run all facilities.

Emergency faults on site

Having a temporary power supply already on site means that when an emergency fault is identified, your temporary supply can seamlessly take over (transitional power), meaning you do not lose power for any length of time. As a result, your systems can continue to run effectively.

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Energy Distribution Hire can provide you with complete temporary power solutions

At Energy Distribution Hire, your peace of mind is our priority. Not only can we offer the largest stock of power distribution products in the UK, but we also provide 24-hour support and an emergency call-out service, so no matter your requirements or emergency, we can be on-site to support you before you know it.

Our power distribution hire products comply with industry standards and meet relevant safety requirements. This means you can get on with your work with the safety and knowledge that we have your temporary electricity supply covered.

Contact Energy Distribution Hire today and speak to one of our specialists who will be happy to work with you and provide advice and guidance on the type of power supply your site needs to continue running most effectively, no matter the emergency.