Lighting hire – Lighting up your 2021 event the eco-friendly way

Lighting up your 2021 event the eco-friendly way

It’s now been the case for a number of years that we’re all getting smarter about our environmental impact and more concerned about making a difference while spending less, particularly when it comes to the entertainment industry. In many ways, this has created the rise of a green economy which has boosted our planet’s natural resources, maximised energy efficiency, and saved everyone time and money in the process. Of course, being green doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice functionality when it comes to lighting up your events and festivals; if anything, choosing eco-friendly lighting from the extensive range that Energy Distribution have to offer, will make your next event bright and spectacular.

The benefit of lighting hire for your festival

Having good festival lighting is essential. It can make the difference between your event being a big hit or a flop. From emergency lights that comply with health and safety laws to creating atmospheric visual displays, you cannot underestimate how important lighting is. If you get it right, you can leave a great last impression on your attendees and give them something to which they will remember your event by.

There are many benefits to hiring lighting for your festival or event from a reputable and well stocked company such as Energy Distribution hire:

  • Industry-standard lighting equipment
  • Advice, installation and removal at a time and date convenient for you
  • Industry experts in temporary power and lighting available to support
  • Industry standard emergency lighting that complies with all health and safety laws and regulations
  • Extensive experience in event lighting hire for a variety of event types

For the reasons above and many more, it’s no wonder that event managers and festival companies all over the UK come to Energy Distribution hire for the lighting requirements.

Eco-friendly lighting for indoor and outdoor events

Not only is it incredibly important to ensure your lighting compliments your event perfectly, its also important that you consider the impacts your event or festival will have on the local environment, wildlife and air quality.

Energy Distribution Hire have a large stock of eco-friendly lighting ready for both indoor and outdoor events that dont compromise on quality and protect the environment. We provide LED lighting units, as these offer both the most energy efficient and eco-friendly way of lighting up your event or festival. Our lighting units are suitable for both in and outdoor use and are high-quality, robust and fit for purpose.

Different types of lighting we can supply: 

Festoon lighting – perfect for lighting long paths and roads, this is available in a variety of lengths and spacing options so you can be sure whatever the length of your pathways, your guests will have plenty of light from start to finish.

Mobile lighting towers – Saving a staggering amount of money, our X-Eco LED 6 lighting tower provides up to 200 hours of running time by using an internal tank and auto stop start light sensor, built to reduce operating costs. Definitely the greenest option!

 Time X-Chain 4 x 150 LED premium lighting tower – a versatile lighting tower that can be powered by generator or directly from the mains connection, this is a long lasting and safe tower perfectly for shedding some serious light on any area of your event or festival. Energy Distribution Hire have also added technology to their Time X-Chain to allow for maximum fuel efficiency and reliability.

Bespoke lighting hire packages to suit your requirements

It’s not always easy to know what type of lighting you are going to need to light up your event effectively, and each event will need a different type of lighting set up. Thats why we have created a variety of bespoke packages from our extensive stock to ensure that no matter the type of lighting set up you need, we have you covered.

If you need support to identify the right package and equipment for you, our experienced engineers will work with you to identify your requirements and put together a bespoke solution for you from our complete range of equipment. They will then complete the installation services including to test and maintain your temporary lighting hire.

Many of our clients already know exactly what they need and have the support already onsite, meaning they dont need our engineers to set up and maintain the equipment. This is not a problem as we have equipment and lighting available to dry hire for either a long or short term basis across England including Central London.

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Let Energy Distribution light up your event

Energy Distribution Hire have been supporting with festivals, events and long term construction sites for many years and for this reason have built an experienced team with a range of event lighting solutions that are practical and effective.

Our competitive prices combined with the largest stock of temporary lighting and electrical equipment mean that we can offer the perfect lighting solutions for you, no matter your budget, expertise or requirements.

To discuss your temporary lighting requirements today, give Energy Distribution Hire a call and see how we can help you light up your event for as long as you need!