The Most Exciting Light Hire Trends for 2021

The Most Exciting Light Hire Trends for 2021

The Most Exciting Light Hire Trends for 2021

It is safe to say that the last year has been a difficult and challenging one for many. Personal and professional lives have been put on hold, and as a society, we have spent more time at home than ever.

With events planned and then being cancelled left, right, and centre, it became difficult to envision a time when we could once again watch the sunset while listening to our favourite band. With a vaccine on the horizon and the light at the end of the tunnel slowly becoming more transparent, life as we once knew it could soon be making a comeback, and as businesses, we must be prepared for things to pick up and become busy once more.

While some might be isolating, this prospect still seems a far distance off, but nothing is stopping you from putting measures in place for the eventual return to normality, and that includes thinking about lighting hire.

Mainly if you are in the festival business, you will be ramping up the planning in the hopes for the long-awaited return of the best events of the year. It is hard to believe that it has been almost two years since the last festivals were held; oh, how we miss them! While the warmer, summer months are a while off yet, it is undoubtedly best to plan early, especially for festivals, outdoor cinemas, and other related events.

On the other hand, if you work within the construction business, you have probably worked on a site throughout the pandemic. Firstly, good on you for keeping things moving! However, it should be acknowledged that projects are sure to be a little bit behind due to the uncertainty and rules surrounding working at the beginning of the first lockdown and delays as a result of this uncertainty.

Flexibility When Booking is Important

This factor is essential to the lighting hire and equipment hire market, whether in a pandemic or not. Offering flexibility to lighting hire clients is vitally important, especially when we are going back and forth into numerous – and seemingly, endless – lockdowns.

More than ever, we have become accustomed to events being postponed or cancelled altogether. Particularly for those who are creating and planning festivals and events, being offered flexibility from other businesses, such as equipment hire firms who will be contributing to events such as these to make things a lot easier and provides some sort of financial security concerning deposits and other related items.

Furthermore, being able to move the lighting hire to another date will benefit both parties; the events will still be able to go ahead with the suitable and required lighting fixtures, and the companies providing these lighting hire services, such as our very own Energy Distribution Hire, will be guaranteed payment for hire of services.

A win-win situation for all those involved!

The same can be said when considering the use of these lighting hire services by the construction industry. For those work-men and women among us, you are sure to have been working throughout lockdown. While this is the case for some, there are undoubtedly other projects out there that have felt the impact of lockdown in some way or another. Delays to projects happen all the time and can happen both naturally and as a result of other factors; Covid-19 has affected the construction industry in a number of ways, from illness to staff members to the need to restrict the number of people that are on a construction site at one time as to ensure safe working conditions and social distancing.

We are confident that there are projects out there that have received some delay to their projects, which is a further reason why flexibility when booking lighting hire is paramount. By allowing clients the opportunity to extend the duration of their lighting hire freely, you are decreasing the hassle for those who will already have a lot of things to sort out.

Giving construction workers the opportunity to extend the duration they use the lighting equipment will further enable them to reach the strict deadlines they have, especially during these darker winter months. Not to mention, it will contribute positively toward times when workers have to stay later in the day to ensure that projects are completed on time or are kept on track. The opportunity to flexibly hire lighting fixtures in the winter months is vitally important, but to ensure that projects stay on time and on track is also important. Offering businesses like yours the opportunity to work during such tough and unprecedented times flexibly will make sure that you can make it through and reach the end of the tunnel in one piece.

Quality Not Quantity (Though That Is Important Too)

While we understand that numerous companies and businesses have struggled a lot to reach this point in the pandemic, we are confident that things will slowly begin to get better. The return to normality is just around the corner! While the prospect of a fun-filled festival or bustling construction site seems like a while off yet, there is still plenty of time and opportunity to begin planning your next event or project. By using services such as ours for any of your lighting needs, you will be ensuring that you are not hitting any obstacles further down the line and that the path to completion is well-lit!

With the most extensive stock of temporary electrics in the country, you are sure to find something available suitable for your project or event, whether it’s lighting equipment or something else.

Offering all the installation support and professional services you need throughout the lighting hire process, we are honoured to assist your event. We are willing to help you in keeping things on track and the way that you want them when you use our equipment hire company for your events.

With a variety of services available, we are sure to have what you need for all your lighting needs, no matter the task at hand! We only hire quality equipment to our clients, and we keep as many solutions in stock as possible, so you’ll get what you need.

With 24 hours of emergency callouts available seven days a week, you can rest assured that we will handle any potential problems that you may face. If you are interested in the services that we have available and how we can assist with a job, project, or event that you might have coming up in the future, check out our other pages for more information. You can also get in touch to find out more about our stock of lighting equipment and how you can use our lighting hire services.

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