Why Retail Temporary Electrics Are Key To Shopping Centre Reopening This Year

Why Retail Temporary Electrics Are Key To Shopping Centre Reopening This Year

Why Retail Temporary Electrics Are Key To Shopping Centre Reopening This Year

It’s been an extremely long twelve months, but we are finally starting to see promising signs that we are coming towards a brighter new normal with lockdown slowly coming to an end. We can all start to feel a little more optimistic that when our businesses finally start to reopen, they will actually stay open. We have all been through an awful lot as we’ve waited patiently for government guidance, worked through temporary closures and furlough schemes, and done our best to keep our businesses running while making sure that we’re doing right by our staff. It goes without saying that no one who is looking at reopening their business should do so without doing the necessary planning, taking every possible precaution, and making sure that they have the equipment to ensure it all goes smoothly.

As things stand, the British government plans to allow shops, along with other businesses like gyms, hair salons, and pubs with outdoor seating, to reopen on 12 April. Preparation is going to be absolutely crucial, and a lot of businesses will be working around the clock to make sure that they meet every criterion in the health and safety handbook.

Of course, it’s one thing for a country pub to plan for outdoor service in their garden as the weather starts to improve, but what about shopping centres? The challenges they have faced have been widely reported this year, as the twin factors of the economy and the pandemic combined to hit high street and shopping centre stores harder than ever before. Reopening in April isn’t just going to be about showing that it’s safe for customers to come back, it’s going to be about giving them a reason to return.

That preparation that we talked about isn’t just about mapping out a schedule, it’s about making sure that you have a contingency plan in place for every eventuality. And that’s where retail temporary power solutions are going to be so important.

Unpredictable Challenges Need Flexible Retail Temporary Electrics Solutions

As we said, businesses have not been short on challenges over this past year but one of the most significant that they have faced has been implementing the government’s Coronavirus health and safety guidelines as they change and showing that they can continue to operate safely and responsibly during this pandemic. For some businesses, it’s been as simple as putting up a couple of Perspex screens, installing a handwashing station and instituting a one-in, one-out policy. When it comes to shopping centres, we’re sure that we don’t need to tell you that it gets a little bit more complicated.

You are going to need to make sure that you have clearly designated walking routes that will keep people distant and moving in the right direction. You are going to need to make sure that you have hand washing and sanitising stations at regular intervals. What’s more, you are going to need to be implementing regular deep cleans of all spaces to ensure that there is as little chance for viral spread as possible. You may even have to engage in some extensive conversion work adapting existing spaces to ensure that social distancing can be maintained.

In short, you’re going to need to make sure that your power set-up is flexible enough to handle any unforeseen challenges, and that’s why we offer you a tailored service to make sure you get the right cable hire you need, for example. Our experience across a range of different sites and purposes means that we can work with you to find the best solution, taking into account everything from the weather to the length and configuration of cable requirements. We also pride ourselves on dependability and offering peace of mind, which is why we offer top of the line cable protection and cable ramp hire.

You’re Going To Be Working Through The Night

As we’re sure you already know, you and your staff are going to be spending an awful lot of time on-site at unusual hours to make sure that everything comes together perfectly and that you can maintain this schedule that you’ve set for yourself. Retail temporary electrics are going to be crucial to making sure that you can get all this work done.

At Energy Distribution Hire, we have site lighting that is suitable for every kind of environment for a range of different requirements, whether it’s emergency lighting for any construction work that you need to do, or floodlighting to illuminate a larger space. We know that every shopping centre is unique and that each and every one has that special problem space, but we pride ourselves on finding solutions for unique problems.

Retail Temporary Electrics Provides Peace Of Mind

When you’re working on a project as essential and unpredictable as this, and working against the clock, you need to know that your power supply is not going to give up on you at the worst possible time. There are so many variables at play right now and frankly, we’ll take all the peace of mind we can get. With our temporary power hire, our main priority is getting you set up with the right fit for your needs and allowing you to get to work without second-guessing your power supply. We’ve already mentioned how much pride we take in finding the perfect solution to every scenario, but we also know that there are always going to be times when you might need assistance.

That’s why we offer 24-hour emergency service, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. We know just how big an impact losing your power supply can have, especially right now, so if you should find yourself facing a power emergency, just get in touch.

Whether you’re looking for some specific, such as generator hire, or you want to discuss the best solution for your shopping centre with our expert team, here at Energy Distribution Hire we offer long and short term solutions to get you up and running and ready to face whatever the next challenge might be. We are a family-run business that places a particular emphasis on building long-lasting relationships with our clients, and we have the largest stock of temporary power solutions in the UK. Get in touch to find out how we can help you.

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